NSW Staysafe Committee

The NSW Staysafe Committee decided:

“That the Committee inquire into and report on vulnerable road users, specifically motorcycle and bicycle safety, with particular reference to:
a) patterns of motorcycle and bicycle usage in New South Wales;
b) short and long term trends in motorcycle and bicycle injuries and fatalities across a range of settings, including on-road and off-road uses;
c) underlying factors in motorcycle and bicycle injuries and fatalities;
d) current measures and future strategies to address motorcycle and bicycle safety, including education, training and assessment programs;
e) the integration of motorcyclists and bicyclists in the planning and management of the road system in NSW;
f) motorcycle and bicycle safety issues and strategies in other jurisdictions; and
g) any other related matters.”

Survive the Ride Assoc of NSW wrote a submission to the NSW Staysafe Committee about motorcycle safety issues which can be viewed here. Please email any comments to david@survivetheride.org

I would also like to encourage everyone to become members of Survive the Ride and assist us with promoting rider safety.