Riders Tips

We get our riding tips from friends, riding courses and videos on the web.

Some help us improve our bike handling skills and others help improve our decisions on the road.

Survive the Ride aims at improving your decision making so you have fewer surprises and frights.  We encourage you to complete rider training courses to help improve your machine operations skills.

Here are a few tips to help improve your decision making on the road.

Tip # 1

To reduce your surprises when riding, focus your attention on where the road disappears in corners, and, where the road is hidden by other vehicles.

You need to be able to see a problem before you can decide how to manage it.

Tip # 2

Managing your speed on the road is complicated because you have to anticipate mistakes made by drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Even when you see a problem up ahead, the faster you ride the less time you have to get around that problem.

When your vision of the road is blocked by other vehicles, trees, buildings, etc, slow down a bit so you have more time to fix any problems.

Tip # 3

Being distracted by scenery, your reflection in the shop window or even your thoughts about issues in your life, is a big part of being human.  We all do it.

When you are distracted, your riding decisions are made without thinking.  This is why you have experienced a block of time when you don’t recall the last couple of minutes or whether the traffic light was red or green.

All riders need to develop habits that help them manage distractions.

Watch our new video to learn more about how to live with the distractions of life and enjoy riding.